How To Check Rank of Facebook and Twitter

on 28 December 2012

Now a days social media became a part of life of human being especially Facebook. The CEO of Facebook said "Facebook surpass 1 billion active user". In case of twitter is 500 million users. There are lots pages on social network and finding which is top liked page or top followed page is difficult. So there is two website to check the rank top liked Facebook page and top followed twitter.

PageData for Facebook

PageData is an independent Facebook Page tracking service of Inside Network , a division of WebMediaBrands. Inside Network is the leading source for business information and market research on the Facebook platform and social gaming ecosystem. PageData is a tool for marketers, advertisers, developers, investors, and analysts interested in tracking engagement metrics for Facebook Pages.

You can the rank which is top liked page by the category of Facebook page or even by Facebook page name. Also you can check their daily growth. Check it Here

twitaholic for Twitter

twitaholic is twitter tracking website which will show you the top followed page or you can check your twitter status and rank. It's a free tool to check it here



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